Lucy Porcelain's Portfolio


You can call me Lucy, I am Irish-Italian-American. I am a bit childish at times, some love it and others find it annoying but I am who I am. I have 3 earrings in each ear and I have my nose pierced. I have 2 tattoos as of right now but I hope to get more in the future. I am an artist; I draw mostly erotic manga women. I am a full time college student and major in entrepreneurship and interior design. Growing up everyone told me to be a model that I have the body type for it, which is still true today but now I have more curves. I think secretly I want to inspire to be a model and have my major as a fall back. I am quite comfortable with my body type and will shoot just about any type of genre. I would love to make connections with photographers to get more practice as well as jobs. One of the goals I hope to accomplish is to get a paying modeling job. Another goal I have is to make something out of my name, I want it to be known.

I am a bit out of practice since I haven't been behind a camera in quite some time. I love the pin up style and would like to do a shoot of old school pin up meets new style at some point. I fell in love with pin ups when I fell in love with Jessica Rabbit. It is a love that has never died.

Just to inform you I have organized my portfolio from old to new.

If you want to know more just ask. I can be reached by email.